Test Yahoo Boots Work or not! To make sure your Boot software that been downloaded from this blog work properly, I suggesting you to Boot your own ID, or Boot your self, Its better if you use PM Boot Options Attack. If you receive Bots coming attack, that mean your Yahoo Boot Program Work Normal and Properly.
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This is Yahoo Boot that created by darkyahoo.com that why it called as DarkYahoo Vengeance. DarkYahoo Vengeance can be used up to 300 bot login.

Dark Yahoo Vengeance is a tool that comes with 300 bot max login and 5 options to play with. DY = Silent D/C, DY 1 = Random Smiley, DY 2 = Old School Lag, DY 3 = Old School Error, DY 4 = Old School Color Lag. As this and all my stuff I code are used for my amusement only.

Boot Option: Random Smiley, Silent DC, Old School Lag, DY 1, DY 2, DY, 3.

Download darkyahoo vengeance