Test Yahoo Boots Work or not! To make sure your Boot software that been downloaded from this blog work properly, I suggesting you to Boot your own ID, or Boot your self, Its better if you use PM Boot Options Attack. If you receive Bots coming attack, that mean your Yahoo Boot Program Work Normal and Properly.
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Yah Mart Customer Service 3 Beta 500 Bot Login - SSL Authentication YMGS15 - SP1 and AP4 Servers. This Yahoo Boot softwar has multiple boot options. Almost 18 Options: PM Bomb,BUZZ Bomb, ASL 1 Bomb, ASL 2 Bomb, LAGG 1 Bomb, LAGG, 2 Bomb, DENIED Bomb, GAME Bomb, IMV Bomb, FILE Bomb, YAH-MART-INC 1, YAH-MART-INC 2, CLIENT 1 Bomb, CLIENT 2 Bomb, BETA 1 Bomb, BETA 2 Bomb, BETA 3 Bomb, BETA 4 Bomb

You need to copy VoodoEncrypt15.dll,to your system32 folder the exe ( YMCS-300.exe) before you use it. Make sure you scan it first with you antivirus software. YOu take you responsible for downloading and using the software available in this blog. Download Yah Mart here.