Test Yahoo Boots Work or not! To make sure your Boot software that been downloaded from this blog work properly, I suggesting you to Boot your own ID, or Boot your self, Its better if you use PM Boot Options Attack. If you receive Bots coming attack, that mean your Yahoo Boot Program Work Normal and Properly.
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Yah Freak booter has 8 boot option: Yahaven boot, Yah Elite Boot, Yazak BOot, Fast Kill and many more. This boot has login delay and stop or pause timer. With a cool black interface YahFreak provide a good look like. If you face any needed file error message of this software, don't forget to find and install it in your system32. Usually Yah Freak need YMSG12ENCRYPT.dll. Download those needed file here. and finally you can download Yah Freak or Yahoo Freak at 4 Share here.